Aerospace Micro-Nano Engineering   /   Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics  Research Group  

          Department of Micro-nano System Engineering   /   Department of Aerospace Engineering

      Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University 



277, Graduate School of Engineering, Building 2, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Furo-cho Chikusa-ku Nagoya, 464-8603, JAPAN.


Inamori, Kurahashi, Matsuzawa, and Yamada made research presentations in the conference "61st SPACE SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE".
Our lab tour: Sightseeing at Atami. labtour_member

We welcome Thai's research student Pachara Phlaengsorn to our lab.
Launching the CnaSat Castor at ARLISS2017

Picture taken from Castor's camera


Participated in ARLISS2017.

Vibration tests are conducted for CanSat Castor (EM).

Our first-made CanSat (Castor) has been assembled.

Assistant Professor Koki Ho from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had a research presentation about space logistics in our lab seminar.
Inamori, Matsuzawa, and Yamada made research presentations in the conference “31st International Symposium on Space Technology and Science”.
The website has been set up.
Welcoming new members.
On April 1st, we welcomed three new members to our group, under graduate students: Mana Nagao, Shinji Matsuzawa, and Yuki Yamada.
On April 1st, we welcomed a new member to the research group, Dr. Takaya Inamori as Seiner Assistant Professor.